Bottle Series 2011

By mixing porcelain slip with fiber I am able to dip metal structures and create a porcelain "skin". The structures have to be dipped multiple times and are then fired to cone 4 in my electric kiln. I love the look of the porcelain breaking from shrinking on the metal, and the steel softening and "melting" into the porcelain. After I add ink detail I then dip the pieces into resin. This sets the porcelain and makes the pieces much more permanent and durable.
Now comes the fun part. I cut out negative space and create my one of a kind needle felted "tiles" and small sculptures to enhance each bottle. The process has been an exciting journey, and I have been working on these pieces for over a year. I am having a blast with this series and am working on continuing it to wall pieces and hangings. Enjoy!

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